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Guidepoint Sees Double Digit Growth in Mexico By Investing in Theft Recovery Systems

Guidepoint Systems has seen double-digit growth in sales and number of customers in Mexico during the three years, largely due to the company’s commitment of resources to effective theft recovery of vehicles, emergency roadside assistance and other services.

“Our customers are recognizing that Guidepoint is willing to do whatever it takes to provide top notch service here,” said Abraham Juarez, manager of the company’s call center and administrative offices in Guadalajara that employs about 30 people. “We’ve got a call center that is manned 24/7/365, a staff of our own lawyers who are versed in this country’s legal system and a nationwide network of technicians who are trained in proper installation of our products.

“While that’s a considerable commitment of resources, it’s money well spent to build our reputation in Mexico as a leading provider of services such as stolen vehicle recovery, emergency roadside assistance, fleet management and vehicle tracking.”

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