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Guidepoint Systems Partners with TSD to Help Companies Manage Rental Vehicles and Loaner Cars

Guidepoint Systems has partnered with the largest U.S. provider of software for the rental car and loaner management market to help companies ranging from independent rental car businesses to large auto groups to save time and money in managing their assets.

TSD has integrated Guidepoint’s telematics services as part of its asset management software packages that are used worldwide by rental companies, dealerships, auto manufacturers, public auto groups, and temporary transportation companies. Founded in 1983, TSD has built a reputation as the leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for clients that want to effectively manage their rental vehicles or loaner car fleets.

By using TSDDRIVE software backed with Guidepoint telematics, customers are able to determine on an all-day,every-day basis the location and status of vehicles on car lots and on the road and aid in theft recovery.

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