Guidepoint Systems Partners with TSD to Help Companies Manage Rental Vehicles and Loaner Cars

Companies that rent and loan vehicles will find the TSDDrive software easy to navigate.  Photo courtesy of TSDDrive

Guidepoint Systems has partnered with the largest U.S. provider of software for the rental car and loaner management market to help companies ranging from independent rental car businesses to large auto groups to save time and money in managing their assets.

TSD has integrated Guidepoint’s telematics services as part of its asset management software packages that are used worldwide by rental companies, dealerships, auto manufacturers, public auto groups, and temporary transportation companies. Founded in 1983, TSD has built a reputation as the leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for clients that want to effectively manage their rental vehicles or loaner car fleets.

By using TSDDRIVE software backed with Guidepoint telematics, customers are able to determine on an all-day,every-day basis the location and status of vehicles on car lots and on the road and aid in theft recovery.

With a variety of OEM and aftermarket telematics products to choose from, Guidepoint telematics has the ability to give customers reliable information on miles driven, geography of trips, status of a vehicle’s battery, and fuel level and reports on usage. By linking that information with TSDDRIVE’s information management software, employees can save time, improve reporting to better manage the business, and reduce administrative costs.

“We are very pleased to establish this partnership with TSD because it gives companies large and small the access to powerful technologies that are proven to help manage rental car and loaner fleets,” said Tom Gafford, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President of Marketing at Guidepoint. “Guidepoint’s and TSD’s shared goal is to support growth at the dealerships using our unique relationships with automotive OEMs.”

Ranked by Frost & Sullivan as the #1 Aftermarket Telematics Provider, Guidepoint hardware and software solutions are used by BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes, Mercury, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and other vehicle brands.  The company provides services through its own brand and private labels such as Mopar EVTS and Nissan VTRS.

TSD officials say they are constantly on the lookout for the latest technologies to help customers. “Every day our team focuses on how we can best help our customers to succeed,” said Shawn Concannon, Executive Vice President of TSD.  “From independent rental car companies to giant auto groups, we know the positive impact fast technology and powerful integrations have on managing fleets.”

The TSDDRIVE software package has the capabilities to:
Quickly access rental and loaner agreements and schedule appointments;
Manage vehicle stock, with a convenient import option for downloading files;
Auto-populate fields with the addition of a vehicle’s VIN number;
Streamline the check-in process to note damage, apply any charges and fees, and collect payment from the customer;
Provide an orderly way to ensure any damage is properly recorded to reduce costs and limit liability; and,
Keep track of vehicle maintenance.

For more information on TSDDRIVE software and other offerings, please contact TSD representatives at To learn more about Guidepoint systems for the individual and commercial markets, please call (877) 477-3463 or write to