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Car Rental Companies Boost Profit and Reduce Costs by Understanding Location of Their Fleets

Guidepoint's SVL Lite system helps car rental companies boost profit margins. Whether they cater to local customers or travelers picking up rental vehicles at airports, car rental companies throughout North America are using theft recovery technology to boost daily utilization of their fleets and cut losses when cars aren’t returned on time. The typical company can recoup its investment in easy-to-install wireless theft recovery systems in a matter of months, said Anne Taylor, sales representative for the rental car segment of Guidepoint Systems Inc. Whether they operate a small local market rental fleet or a large airport rental fleet, car rental managers incorporate our technology because they have a problem,” said Taylor, a 20-year veteran of the vehicle rental industry. “Solving that problem always boils down to making sure they can pinpoint exactly where their vehicles are – at any day and time.  It’s all about reducing risk.” Car rental personnel are able to mo

Managing Rental Cars Is a Snap with New Guidepoint Website Upgrade

To ring in the New Year right, Guidepoint Systems has delivered a free and powerful website upgrade that helps parts and service employees nationwide to better manage vehicle rentals programs and get retail customers out the door sooner. Guidepoint automatically has upgraded the software of its rental car application of LTE accounts so that parts and service employees can enter information into standard rental forms that automatically record data in the system and provide retail customers with complete rental agreements that include legal verbiage. The new software is available now to any dealership with an LTE account using the loaner car application with Mopar EVTS, Nissan VRTS and Guidepoint private label manufacturered products. Dealerships don’t have to do anything special to access the upgrade rental agreement system, said Bryan Reynolds, VP-Western District for Guidepoint sales and support. “We saw a real need for this application because more and more dealerships are g