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Guidepoint tracks dealership's missing Mercedes in Manhattan — far from its Kentucky home

FORT MITCHELL, KY and NEW YORK CITY — When Terry Elliott opened his Guidepoint inventory management software, he was shocked. The department supervisor at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell quickly realized something was out of place when he saw one of his loaner vehicles parked in New York City, hundreds of miles from the Kentucky dealership. Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell restricts its customers from traveling more than 100 miles away from the dealership with vehicles. Something was clearly wrong. Elliott quickly looked up the customer tied to the vehicle in question and learned that he had dropped off a 2008 Mercedes for warranty work about a week prior. In exchange, the customer was given a 2019 Mercedes GLC. Now, that 2019 Mercedes GLC was nearly 650 miles from where it should be and Elliott knew he needed to act fast. He quickly contacted local law enforcement and reported the vehicle stolen. At the same time, he dispatched one of his employees on a one-way trip to New York