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Fast Action Leads to Rapid Vehicle Recovery

By: Ira Levin    You know how it goes – you meet someone new through a work or personal friend and they inevitably ask you, “so, what does Guidepoint Systems do?” You respond by telling them that we’re a telematics company that uses GPS data to provide vehicle location and specific driving behavior data in real time to our customers about their car. But if you strip away the data and tech talk what we really are is a software company that delivers outstanding customer service. Recently, that customer service was on full display. A Chicago area auto dealership that uses Guidepoint Systems discovered that two vehicles, valued at more than $150,000, were missing from their lot. Instead of contacting our 24/7 call center, the dealership reached out to Craig Hitchcock, who has provided excellent customer service to them over the years. Craig took charge, working with the dealership and local police to locate both vehicles within a short time. Fortunately, both vehicles had been equipped wit