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Company offers outsourcing option that provides vehicle analytics and labor shortage solution

DETROIT, Mich. – November 15, 2021 – Guidepoint Systems, a global provider of vehicle telematics and Software as a Service (SaaS) for automotive OEMs, new and pre-owned vehicle dealerships, rental agencies and commercial fleet managers, has launched a new customer-focused service line that will expand its position in the automotive market and address ongoing labor shortages faced by employers.

FleetMovil ® is Guidepoint’s new fleet management outsourcing solution. It uses web-based GPS tracking software to easily follow the speed, direction, driving activity and location of your fleet vehicles. Guidepoint’s new service provides more than 300 monitoring parameters including engine warning indicators, maintenance reminders, carbon emissions, fuel efficiency, PTO monitoring, driving behavior such as sudden starts and stops, how long a vehicle is stopped at a particular location and a log of past travel history.

“Daily monitoring and management of a company’s vehicle fleet can take a tremendous amount of time and staff resources,” said Guidepoint President and CEO, Samuel Spencer. “We have developed this new service to help our customers more effectively monitor their fleet vehicles, while reducing their in-house staffing needs.”

Guidepoint customers who sign up for FleetMovil service will be able to customize data parameters according to their business needs. This will help the customer achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

“This new service will be especially valuable to government agencies, public transit organizations, utilities, school districts and companies that have large vehicle fleets to manage and must monitor ever-changing regulatory requirements,” said Alex Gajano, Guidepoint Vice President of business development and General Manager of the company’s Latin America operations. “Pressure to meet product delivery and service deadlines has never been more mission-critical for a business or public agency. FleetMovil will help our client’s around the globe meet that challenge.”

Customers can obtain more information and sign up for this service by going to the FleetMovil website or emailing sales@fleetmovil.com. 


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